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This guide provides CliftonStrengths (StrengthFinder) information and includes documents, videos, and other material.

Introduction to the Context Strength

People who are especially talented in the Context theme enjoy thinking about the past. They understand the present by researching its history.

- Gallup, Inc. 2000, 2018

Find out more about the Context strength at the following links:

Description of Context Strength by Gallup (includes video)

Leadership Vision provides additional information about the Context Strength

Strengths School Context Theme

Let's Talk Personality Context Theme

The following elaborates on the Yucks, Yays, Blind Spots, Feeding Strengths, Honored, and Insulted for the Context strength.

“Ignite Strengthsfinder Talents - Your Top 5 Strengths.” Lead Through Strengths, 4 Nov. 2022,

Yucks: Potential Soul-Sucking Tasks and Situations at Work

When the past is forgotten or disregarded; repeating the same mistakes at work, and not proactively avoiding failure by learning from the past

Yays: Find Work You Love

Researching past situations to apply lessons today; learning the backstory about how you got where you are today so it can be applied to your current team

Blind Spots: How Your Talents Could be Perceived as Your Weakness Zone if Your Strengths are Overused or Misapplied

Stuck in the past; slow to move forward; rehashing

Feeding Strengths: How You're Perceived at Work When Feeding Your Strengths

Appreciative of predecessors; celebrator of history; connector of past

Honored: Situations and Cultures that Feel Aligned with You at Your Natural Best

Uncovering and applying what got us here; background information about company decisions; examining past behaviors to predict future actions

Insulted: How You Might Get Insulted at a Values Level

A lopsided focus on the future and the vision; skipping over debriefs or post mortems; saying things like "the past is the past — it is gone."