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This guide provides CliftonStrengths (StrengthFinder) information and includes documents, videos, and other material.

Introduction to the Adaptability Strength

People who are especially talented in the Adaptability theme prefer to “go with the flow.” They tend to be “now” people who take things as they come and discover the future one day at a time.

- Gallup, Inc. 2000, 2018

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Strengths School Adaptability Theme

Let's Talk Personality Adaptability Theme

The following elaborates on the YucksYays, Blind Spots, Feeding Strengths, Honored, and Insulted for the Adaptability strength.

“Ignite Strengthsfinder Talents - Your Top 5 Strengths.” Lead Through Strengths, 4 Nov. 2022,

Yucks: Potential Soul-Sucking Tasks and Situations at Work

Predictability and routine at work; stagnation or mundane work is not fun because you draw excitement from changes in the moment

Yays: Find Work You Love

Taking immediate action and working "on the fly"; unexpected detours are energizing because you revel in change

Blind Spots: How Your Talents Could be Perceived as Your Weakness Zone if Your Strengths are Overused or Misapplied

Directionless (if others don't see why you're always doing the next new thing) — it can look like your priorities are all over the place; an indiscriminate "Yes man" if you're jumping on every change bandwagon

Feeding Strengths: How You're Perceived at Work When Feeding Your Strengths

Fully present and in this moment — your attention makes others feel important; great at flowing with the needs of the business; a change agent for the team because you model that there's an upside to supporting the change

Honored: Situations and Cultures that Feel Aligned with You at Your Natural Best

Urgent pressures to address; every day different from the last; being given the challenge of managing change that involves the buy-in of other people; making people feel seen and heard during changes that are difficult for people to adopt

Insulted: How You Might Get Insulted at a Values Level

Same old, same old / the inability to be in the moment — you get satisfaction by reacting to the here-and-now, so every rehashing of the past can feel like an anchor in the water when you're trying to drive a speedboat