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This guide provides CliftonStrengths (StrengthFinder) information and includes documents, videos, and other material.

Introduction to the Analytical Strength

People who are especially talented in the Analytical theme search for reasons and causes. They have the ability to think about all the factors that might affect a situation.

- Gallup, Inc. 2000, 2018

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The following elaborates on the Yucks, Yays, Blind Spots, Feeding Strengths, Honored, and Insulted for the Analytical strength.

“Ignite Strengthsfinder Talents - Your Top 5 Strengths.” Lead Through Strengths, 4 Nov. 2022,

Yucks: Potential Soul-Sucking Tasks and Situations at Work

Things that can’t be proven — even data can be frustrating if it is qualitative and not high on the reliability/validity scale; when people try to convince you to trust your heart over logic and facts

Yays: Find Work You Love

Getting to look for simplicity and clarity through data — when others glaze over at the thought of a deeper analysis, you get excited; being asked to bring the level-headed view when others are in a heightened emotional state

Blind Spots: How Your Talents Could be Perceived as Your Weakness Zone if Your Strengths are Overused or Misapplied

Overly skeptical — decisions can get paralyzed by all of the analysis you want to do; dismissive of feelings or emotions in the workplace

Feeding Strengths: How You're Perceived at Work When Feeding Your Strengths

Dispassionate; the ultimate truth-seeker — even when you don't like the truth, you want to find it through data; objective and clear thinker, especially in trend spotting and decision-making; logical problem solver, even when others are stuck in emotional reactions

Honored: Situations and Cultures that Feel Aligned with You at Your Natural Best

Time to think deeply; being surrounded in a bath of data and facts — the more the better

Insulted: How You Might Get Insulted at a Values Level

Impractical, "head in the clouds" thinking; a culture that appreciates the outlandish, a constant 30,000-foot view, or rushed decisions; consistently having to deal with unexplored assumptions; the lack of prudence and truth-seeking