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This guide provides CliftonStrengths (StrengthFinder) information and includes documents, videos, and other material.

Introduction to the Discipline Strength

People who are especially talented in the Discipline theme enjoy routine and structure. Their world is best described by the order they create.

- Gallup, Inc. 2000, 2018

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Description of Discipline Strength by Gallup (includes video)

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Strengths School Discipline Theme

Let's Talk Personality Discipline Theme

The following elaborates on the Yucks, Yays, Blind Spots, Feeding Strengths, Honored, and Insulted for the Discipline strength.

“Ignite Strengthsfinder Talents - Your Top 5 Strengths.” Lead Through Strengths, 4 Nov. 2022,

Yucks: Potential Soul-Sucking Tasks and Situations at Work

Chaos and confusion about what outcomes are expected; flying by the seat of your pants; disruptive or urgent requests that stem from someone else's lack of planning

Yays: Find Work You Love

Creating and following a plan; meeting deadlines

Blind Spots: How Your Talents Could be Perceived as Your Weakness Zone if Your Strengths are Overused or Misapplied

Resistant to change; rigid

Feeding Strengths: How You're Perceived at Work When Feeding Your Strengths

Precise manager of details; maximizer of limited resources

Honored: Situations and Cultures that Feel Aligned with You at Your Natural Best

Being offered or allowed to create structure and process; organized thoughts and physical spaces

Insulted: How You Might Get Insulted at a Values Level

Casting a vision and failing to create a plan to support it; scattering focus broadly and disregarding questions about practical execution