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Multicultural Health

Foundational resources for multicultural health.

Point-of-Care Apps

Point-of-care tools are easily accessible resources, usually in the form of mobile applications or mobile-friendly websites, that allow users to refer to topics or clinical guidelines to provide a reliable diagnosis or therapy quickly at the patient's point of care. The following apps are available through the Creighton University Libraries. Authentication and requiring registration for a free account vary across tools.


Access & Registration Tips:

Be sure to have Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication set-up before proceeding.

Most subscriptions rely on institution IP addresses and networks to authenticate, especially upon first-time registration and use. If you are unable to visit campus, we highly recommend installing GlobalProtect on your personal computer or mobile device. For full information on installing the service, please refer to Creighton IT’s article “Creighton’s VPN Service” linked below.

Check your junk email folder when prompted to check for account verification links/codes.

Access App by McGraw Hill

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