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Multicultural Health

Foundational resources for multicultural health.

What is the Multicultural Health Information Resource Center, or the MHIRC?

The HS-MACA, CPHHE and the MHIRC Collection were funded by a grants from the Health Resources and Services Administration and set up to help Creighton University health sciences students and faculty, community health care workers and the general public understand issues concerning minority health care and health disparities among people of different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

The MHIRC Library Resource Collection

A collection of multimedia materials, books, journals and web resources that focus on minority health concerns. The collection is managed by the Creighton University Libraries. For a current listing of the entire campus library resources applicable to multicultural health care and health disparities, both Library and grant-funded, search the term "MHIRC" in Jaysearch.