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European Union Law: Institutions and Sources

This guide provides an overview of the structure and lawmaking activities of the EU Institutions as well as resources for EU research.


Referred to “primary legislation” and fundamental to all EU research, the founding treaties together with the supplementing treaties and the accession treaties are available in full text.  Consolidated versions are also available.  For a list of founding and accession treaties, select the Treaties Tab above.

Access Treaties on EUR-LEX

  International Agreements

Each year the European Community concludes a number of Agreements with other countries, as well as with international organizations.  In addition, Conventions may be concluded between the Member States of the European Union in various fields.  Information concerning these Agreements and Conventions, including those in the process of being approved, can be obtained here.  This information is up-dated daily and includes dates of signature, approval and entry into force. 

Access International Agreements on EUR-LEX