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European Union Law: Institutions and Sources

This guide provides an overview of the structure and lawmaking activities of the EU Institutions as well as resources for EU research.

The Economic and Social Committee

This committee is non-political, advisory group made up of Member State citizens concerned with Union law development (i.e. trade unions, business owners, farmers, consumers).  The ESC advises the Commission, the Council and the Parliament with theiropinions on the issues before them.  In certain areas, action can be taken on a proposal only after consultation with the ESC. 

Economic and Social Committee Website

The Committe of the Regions

COR’s main objective is to represent the common interests of local and regional authorities by providing the Institutions their opinions on issues and proposals andkeeping the citizenry informed.  Like the ESC, in some areas, the Commission, Council and Parliament must consult with COR before any final action can be taken.

Committee of the Regions Website