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DBA Program Guide


The Creighton University Libraries are pleased to support students in the Doctorate of Business Administration online program. Students may be directed to a particular library or librarian based on their unique educational and occupational needs.

Where to Start/ What to do first

The DBA Program Guide is designed to help you gather materials during the research process.  For a review of concepts and skills used in library research, click on the Tutorials tab and work through the LEO (Library Encounter Online) tutorial. While the tabs aren't in step-by-step order, they are in order by how often you can expect to use particular types of content.

The Research Process Step-by-Step:

  • First, begin by finding background info on the topic/ subject using discipline- and subject-specific encyclopedias
  • Then progress onto finding books and videos that can treat portions of the topic in more detail
  • To find out the most current research, continue the search through article databases
  • Searching databases of dissertations and theses can be helpful to see how other doctoral students have treated a topic.