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This guide offers information on how to use ResearchWorks

About ResearchWorks

ResearchWorks, the customized version of Ex Libris Esploro at Creighton University, is a research management system that uses machine learning to collect the scholarly and creative works of Creighton faculty.  Works are harvested from a central index which contains bibliographic data from nearly 20,000 interdisciplinary databases. 

ResearchWorks combines the previous content of the Faculty Scholarship Module of the Provost’s Database Management System, the Creighton Digital Repository, and Elsevier Pure. Please explore the ResearchWorks interface and let us know what you think by contacting

What moved? All of the content of the Faculty Scholarship Module of the Provost’s Database Management System and Pure has been migrated to ResearchWorks.  While the scholarly works and faculty bibliography content in the Creighton Digital Repository (CDR) has been migrated to ResearchWorks, the CDR is still hosting archival materials, including archival copies of journal articles and issues.

If you have questions about your content, please contact our ResearchWorks team at

What is ResearchWorks?

The type of content housed in ResearchWorks includes but is not limited to:

• journal publications (both pre- and post-print)

• conference papers and proceedings

• presentations

• working papers

• book chapters

• multimedia

• theses and dissertations

• creative works

• any other publications that are appropriate for a faculty member's CV

Why Contribute to ResearchWorks?

Content archived in ResearchWorks is

• discoverable by search engines such as Google and Google Scholar

• hosted on a secure server and given a persistent URL to ensure permanent access

• openly accessible to researchers around the world who may have limited access to scholarly materials.