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Creighton Law Student Resources

Link and resource page for Creighton Law Students

Study Aids

The library subscribes to these online study aids packages available to Law students and faculty:

Room Reservations

Reserve by Time:
Online Room Reservations - To find a room that suits your schedule, you can use this link to search for available rooms by time. An overview of law library study room rules is also available at this link.


Large (24 occupants):            Moderate (12 occupants):             Medium (8 occupants):                    Small (4 occupants):

         Room 143                                Room 136                                  Room 151                                              Room 137

                                                            Room 139                                  Room 204                                              Room 138

                                                                                                                 Room 205                                              Room 147 

                                                                                                                 Room 206


Law library study room reservations are limited to current Creighton law students, faculty, and staff. Providing false information about your student status is a violation of Student Standard #1.3

Standard #1.3. False Information: Intentionally furnishing false information to any member of the University.

Extended Library Access

The law library offers extended library access to students who demonstrate a need for this access. The access allows students to enter the library during specified non-business hours during the week and the weekend. 

What is the process to obtain extended access?

1. Watch the extended access orientation video. This video fully covers how access works and what hours the library can be accessed.

The video is available at this link.

2. Come to the law library administrative suite and sign an extended access form. You will be initialing that you watched the orientation video.

3. You will receive an extended access card (purpose described in video) and Card Services will be notified to activate your ID for door access.

Reference Help

If you need Reference Help during the times classes are being done online please send your questions to

To speak to a reference librarian on the phone we recommend you email and let us know you would like to speak to a reference librarian. Provide your phone number and when you are available to take a call and a librarian will reach out to you. Our current general schedule for phone reference Is from 10am - 4pm Monday - Friday.  

When you email your email goes to six members of the law library staff that provide reference assistance. 

Student Suggested Links

Quick Links


History of Creighton University School of Law

To Educate and Serve: The Centennial History of Creighton University School of Law, 1904-2004

The full text of this book is available as a PDF in the Creighton Digital Repository. The library has a print version in the collection. If you would like to use that copy you can find it in the library at KF292.C74 P65 2007. If you need assistance finding this book ask for help at the Reference desk.