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Research Data Management



Data Curation

File Formats

Whenever possible, save a copy of your data in a non-proprietary (open) format for long-term
preservation and easy-access.

Data Type Original Data Format Preservation Friendly Formats
(Open Standard, Uncompressed)
Text Hand-written, docx, wpd, odt, rtf, txt, html, xml, pdf xmlPDF/Atxt
Tabular Simple
(minimal metadata)
csv, tsv, pipe-delimited, xls(x), ods, dif, xps csv
Tabular Extensive
(variable and value labels, missing data defined)
sav (SPSS), sas7bdat or xpt (SAS), dta (STATA)  csv, txt with setup file  or associated script (r or m)
Database mdb, dbf, sql, sqlite, db, db3, xml xml, sqlite
Visual static: pdf, jpeg, tiff, png, gif, bmp,
moving: mpeg, mov, avi, mxf
PDF/A, tiffJPEG2000
Audio wav(e), mp3, mp2, aiff, wma, aac, dct, flac, ogg wave, aiff 

From 'File Formats', Duke University Research Data Management Guide