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Executive Healthcare MBA


The Creighton University Libraries are pleased to support students in the Executive Healthcare MBA online program. Students may choose which library to utilize based on their unique educational and occupational needs:

Reinert-Alumni Library Health Sciences Library/LRC Klutznick Law Library
Reinert-Alumni Library Health Sciences Library/LRC Klutznick Law Library

Where to Start/ What to do first

This Program Guide is designed to help you gather materials during the research process.  For a review of concepts and skills used in library research, click on the Tutorials tab and work through the LEO (Library Encounter Online) tutorial. While the tabs aren't in step-by-step order, they are in order by how often you can expect to use particular types of content.

The Research Process Step-by-Step:

  • First, begin by finding background info on the topic/ subject using discipline- and subject-specific encyclopedias
  • Then progress onto finding books and videos that can treat portions of the topic in more detail
  • To find out the most current research, continue the search through article databases.