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Careers in the Health Professions

Want to know more about careers in the health professions? Check out this guide for resources and interviews with active practitioners!

About This Guide

Welcome to the University Libraries' Careers in the Health Professions resource guide! In honor of recently hosting the National Library of Medicine's "Physician Assistants: Collaboration & Care" travelling exhibit, we have curated resources about several health professions related to programs here at Creighton University in order to showcase the incredible work practitioners of all kinds are doing in these fields. We invite you to learn more about the pathways we've highlighted - remember, there are so many more career avenues out there! 

If you're interested in learning more about professional health sciences programs at Creighton University, we encourage you to reach out to the advisors and admissions teams who are linked at the bottom of each page. We're sure our Creighton colleagues and featured practitioners from across the specialties would be happy to speak with you on what career opportunities await you in the health sciences!

About the NLM Exhibit

National Library of Medicine Traveling Exhibit: "Physician Assistants: Collaboration & Care"


The University Libraries loves to host traveling exhibits from the National Library of Medicine. The physical exhibit has moved on to its next host, but you can visit Physician Assistants: Collaboration and Care to explore online.

Health Care Careers

All of our pages contain a Creighton University Advising & Admissions Resources box with resources for the university's pre-professional courses and learning communities as well as the advising and admissions centers. Be sure to reach out to our helpful colleagues for information about offerings that can help you explore various careers!

Related Library Guides

There are many specialties, professions, and roles within each of the fields we've highlighted -- and even more fields to explore beyond! Here are a few guides in additional health professions that the University Libraries curates for students, residents, fellows, and faculty to give you an idea of the various directions and topics involved in these fields.