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Global Languages Week

Core resources in celebration of Global Languages Week March 18-22.


Welcome to the Global Languages Week guide! We're joining the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures to celebrate global languages and culture through the annual Global Languages Week celebrations - a weeklong series of programming with hands-on learning opportunities with our faculty, staff, and students representing the cultures of our Creighton community.

The suggested resources in this guide are shared to provide information on the variety of language-learning resources available to you through the Libraries or reliable resources freely available from other organizations. We also invite you read more about the units and departments at Creighton that provide a wealth of classroom or real-world experience learning.



knowledge by Round Icons from Noun Project (CC BY 3.0)

What Makes Language...a Language?

Global Languages Week at Creighton

Curious about Global Languages Week? Take a look at some of the activities that have been hosted:

Crafting, like origami lessons

Games and trivia, try out the Italian Mercante game

Food tastings, like German eiskaffee or French cheeses

International film screenings

Music and collaborative playlists

Scavenger hunt

Read below for past coverage of Global Languages Week celebrations:

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