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Canva for Education

This guide will provide information on how to sign up for Canva for Education to get the pro features and the various tools available.

Sign-up: Canva for Education


Canva is a suite of tools available online. One version of Canva is available for free. Use your email to sign up from this link: It only takes a short time before you will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address. Once you have confirmed your email address, you will have access to the free version of Canva. It is available from

The following link compares the free version to paid versions. One option to get pro features at a lower price is to consider a Teams membership. That allows up to five team members to use the pro version of the tool. Nevertheless, the free version has many features that are easy to use.

With Canva, you can professionally create various electronic and print designs. This includes documents, reports, flyers, websites, videos, presentations, and more. Many templates are available to speed up your design project. These templates have been designed to help you produce a professional-looking project.

Canva also has many training resources that will be linked in this guide.

Canva Subscription Comparisons

Depending on how you plan on using Canva, you will need to consider the licensing. The attached article from Canva provides this information.

Canva Licensing