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Canva for Education

This guide will provide information on how to sign up for Canva for Education to get the pro features and the various tools available.


Getting Started

The easiest way to learn more about Canva and what you can do with it is to jump in and try some things. In this guide, we will provide you with some resources that can help you become familiar with Canva and provide ideas for your projects.

To demonstrate how to create a project and use some available tools in Canva, we will start with an example of creating an infographic. Infographics are commonly used to get information across to the targeted audience. They are usually quick reads with graphics that help provide information. Creating one from scratch can be challenging, time-consuming, and not give the professional results we seek. Canva has many templates that can be modified for your use, which will both reduce the time required and look professional. The following is an example done for the IDEA Hub.

The following video will demonstrate some basic features of Canva using the creation of an infographic as an example.

Length: 6:40 minutes

Canva Resources

Canva provides resources to help you learn about the tools available. Canva has a series of videos for beginners that can help you get started. It will open in a new tab/window.

How to Use Canva: A Beginner's Guide

Canva Tutorial for Beginners

The following video describes some differences between the free and paid versions of Canva and covers types of projects that can be created with Canva. It also goes through the design process.

Length: 31 minutes