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Phoenix MeeScan Self-Checkout Guide

Instructions for how to use the self-checkout kiosk in the Health Sciences Library, Phoenix.

Meescan Kiosk

A full color photo graph shows the Meescan selfcheckout kiosk. The image depicts a tablet inside of a white tabletop kiosk with a bright blue application on the screen.

CU Libraries Meescan Instructions

Checking out and returning items:

  1. Bring all items you'd like to checkout or return to the service window.
  2. Swipe your Creighton ID (barcode facing out to the right) OR select "Start" and enter your ID number. Please note: this is not your NetID, this 16-digit number is located at the bottom of your Creighton ID.
  3. Follow the guided prompts to Checkout or Return an item.
    1. Note: these processes must be done separately. For example, if returning one item and checking out a new one, you will need to complete the return process then log back in to complete the checkout process.
  4. Scan an item's barcode by aligning it with the red light (up to 10" away). If successful, it will appear onscreen. Scan as many items as you are completing for your desired process. 
  5. Select "Finish" to confirm the end of the process.
  6. The Creighton Libraries Meescan app will email a checkout and/or return receipt to the email on file with your NetID. The email sender will appear as Meescan in your inbox.
    1. To review checkouts/returns and manage your loans, you can log into your Libraries account under our widget in the new Creighton University app, available in app stores now.

Using the kiosk:

  • The CU Libraries Meescan app will default to the checkout or return guided process. 
  • Select "Account" to view your loans and any fees you may have incurred.
    • The app will only show the number of loans, not the titles or due dates. We recommend signing into your Libraries account via JaySearch or using the Libraries widget in the Creighton University app to manage loans.
  • Select "My Library" to jump to the Health Sciences Library website
    • Here you can quickly review our resources and services, including performing a quick search of available holdings in our collections via JaySearch.


If you have any questions about using the Creighton University Libraries' Meescan application, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Phoenix Librarian, Karina, for assistance. Please refer to the contact information in the Librarian profile box on this page.