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Journal Access Tips

We may have access to the journals through several of our subscriptions, so we recommend paying attention to which database will give you access to the volumes and issues (publication years/months/weeks/etc.) you're looking for. Ofttimes publishers place an embargo on the most recent issue(s) of publications, so our subscriptions may not include the most recent year or month, etc. that you're looking for. In our catalog, JaySearch, there will be a line below each database that carries the journal's issues which describe the access range. For example, the line may say "Available from 01/01/2016 until 12/31/2020," which means you will want to request any issue before 2016 or after 2020 through InterLibrary Loan or work with a librarian to help find the journal(s) and/or article(s).


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Use the link(s) below to browse all the journals by indicated subject that the University Libraries has access to. 

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