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Overview of our JAMAevidence subscription created by McGraw Hill Customer Success librarians.

What Is JAMAevidence?

JAMAevidence is an online resource for the teaching, learning, and application of evidence-based medicine, brought to you by McGraw-Hill and the JAMA Network. JAMAevidence provides an authoritative, comprehensive website that will help students and clinicians identify, appraise, and use the best available evidence to assess health problems and the outcomes of health care.

Note: You may be asked to log into our Creighton subscription with your NetID for access to the resources in this guide.


What is MyAccess and why should I sign up?

MyAccess is an additional user profile on top of our Creighton University Libraries institutional access and is completely free to the Creighton community. To engage with some of the content and resources on JAMAevidence, users need to create a MyAccess profile (upper-right sign in dropdown menu) in JAMAevidence. The MyAccess profile can be used across all of our Access subscriptions such as AccessMedicine or AccessPhysiotherapy.

Download the PDF flyer below to learn more about creating a MyAccess profile.

Brief Overview of JAMAevidence

JAMAevidence Highlights

Calculators are functional, interactive tools designed to enhance the user's understanding of statistical and mathematical relationships in EBP from therapy to diagnosis, such as 2x2 tables and control event rate (CER) or experimental event rate (EER).

Critical Appraisal Worksheets (See Learning Tools tab)

Critical appraisal forms help users learn to evaluate research findings by considering validity, importance, and applicability of results. Notes entered into these worksheets by individually identified users are stored for later access and revision.

Information Cycle Worksheets (See Learning Tools tab)

Specially designed worksheets allow you to synthesize information from your readings. Notes entered into these worksheets by individually identified users are stored for later access and revision.

The ‚ÄčGlossary is a list of key evidence-based practice terms pulled from each book. Browse and search the glossary online or download the PDF from the platform.