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Docking Station

How to use Reinert laptop docking station

How to Use Docking Station (USB-C required*)

*Note, not all USB-C Ports can be used with a docking station. Check your machine's specifications to be sure or read more here. If you don't have a cable that supports video, USB-C Thunderbolt cables may be available for checkout at the Main Desk.

1: Plug the USB into the main power port (you may need to try more than one)


3: Large screen should mirror screen on laptop. If not, you may need to change the settings.

On Windows right click on Desktop and click “Display Settings”

Under Multiple Displays, select “Duplicate Desktop”

On a Mac open System Preferences and select "Displays"

Go to "Arrangement" and make sure "Mirror Displays" is checked.

The Docking Station is now ready to use. You can now type and use the mouse.