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ChatGPT and A.I.

Resources for learning about and using ChatGPT in higher ed

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a generative predictive text tool built by the artificial intelligence research company OpenAI ( ChatGPT allows a user to ask a question or describe a prompt and through a conversational interaction, ChatGPT will provide answers to the queries. Because the tool is a Large Language Model (LLM) - meaning it was trained on a large corpus of information - and it's responses are based on it's ability to calculate probabilities, it may put words together that sound like answers, but it DOES make mistakes.


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Contact information

If you are looking for information on the use of ChatGPT or AI in your specific subject area, please contact your Liaison/Subject Librarian. This is the list of subject librarians.

Many entities across Creighton's campus are actively involved in learning about, discussing, and sharing accurate information about the issues surrounding the use of artificial intelligence tools.

  • IDEA Hub
  • Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE)
  • Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

Hat tip/credit for some content on this guide goes to the Syracuse University Libraries.