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Interprofessional Education (IPE)

Where to publish?

The following is a list of journal publications that accept manuscripts on the topic of interprofessional education. Links will direct you to author submission instructions for each publication.

Title Publication  Impact Factor Acceptance Rate
Journal of Interprofessional Care Bi-Monthly 0.925 45%
American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 10 Times/Year 0.853 42%
Academic Medicine Monthly 0.867 11%
Health, Interprofessional Practice, & Education Continuous N/A N/A
Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice Quarterly 0.315 N/A
Patient Education and Counseling 13 Times/Year 0.864 N/A
BMC Medical Education Continuous 0.831 N/A
Nurse Education in Practice Bi-Monthly 0.914 40%
Advances in Medical Education and Practice Monthly N/A 46%
Creighton Journal of Collaborative Practice and Education      

For more information regarding publishing opportunities, please see Creighton University Libraries guide!

CIPER research & scholarship

Heartland Interprofessional Education Conference (HIPE)

ABC's Of Diabetes Education: An Interprofessional Education Model

Wildermuth, A., Timmerman, M., Cook, K., & Wheelhouse, C. (2020).

Addressing the Opioid Use Epidemic: Strategies for Interprofessional Health Education

Naylor, H., Jessen, J., Hadenfeldt, C., Banzhaf, S., & Martens Stricklett, K. (2020).

Are your Faculty Onboard with Interprofessional Education (IPE)?

Shutts, S., Skrabal, J., Morbach, J., Stevens, P., Spangler, R., & Sittner, B. (2020).

Bridges to Civic Health Shared Student Learning in Nursing & the Humanities

Koehler, E., & Sundberg, A. (2020).

Companions on a Journey: An Interprofessional Case Discussion

Delahunt, J., Heller, D., Wisdom, C., Jardes, A., Schriner, M., & Stosberg, T. (2020).

Difficulty Breathing: Patient Complaint or Simulation Student Symptom?

Reynolds, J., & Haas, D. (2020).

First Year Online IPE Implementation: Student Outcomes

Allen, R., Arshad-Snyder, S., Flanagan, S., & Ruhkamp, R. (2020).

Foundational IPE Curriculum Through the Eyes of International Dental Students

Cho, S.D., Romito, L., & Daulton, B.J. (2020).

Patient Experience of a Collaborative Comprehensive Geriatric Interprofessional Practice and Education Assessment

Kunkle, R., Geary, C., Maasdam, K., Sobeski, L., Webster, R., Meier, N., & Chaperon, C. (2020).

Theses and Dissertations

From Me to We: An Online Assessment of Interdisciplinary Doctoral Education and Learning Impact Carmody, E. P. (2014).

Interprofessional Learning in the Workplace: A Mixed Method Approach in Physical Therapy Clinical Education

Thomas, S. (2016).

Occupational Therapy Students’ Application of Interprofessional Education Core Competency Domains During Simulation

Crampsey, E. W. (2019).

Political Skill and Teamwork: A Mixed Methods Study of Rehabilitation Professional Students

Snowdon, L. (2021).

Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarly Projects

Interprofessional Collaboration Immersion and Education Intervention

Jensen, K. (2020).

Master of Science in Nursing Scholarly Projects

Interdisciplinary Curriculum: The Value of Conflict Engagement for the Healthcare Workforce

Begley, M. (2020).

St. Albert’s Day Posters

CHIP: Fostering Interprofessional and Culturally-Competent Patient Care through Experiential Learning in China

Mu, K., Peck, K., Carrico, C., Bracciano, A., Feldhacker, D., Jensen, L., & Matthews, A. (2012).

Creighton Journal of Interdisciplinary Leadership

Educating the Interdisciplinary Civilian Airman

Lees, D. W., Dannar, P., Schindler, J. H., Martin, J. R. (2018).

How to Launch a Doctoral Interdisciplinary Leadership Program

Brock, B. L, Cherney, I., Martin, J. R., Moss Breen, J., & Oltman, G. (2015).

Support for Interdisciplinary Approaches in Emergency Medical Services Education

Leggio, W. J., & D'Alessandro, K. J. (2015).

Assessment Symposium Posters

A Comparison of Two Instruments to Assess Students in an Interprofessional Health Promotion Course for a Vulnerable Population

Packard, K., Ryan-Haddad, A., Yee, J., Harris, B., Todd, M., Laughlin, A., & Begley, K. (Fall 2015).

Assessing the Value of Interprofessional Collaborative Activities for Therapy Students in Pediatric Practice

Nelson, K., James, D., Davis Russell, L., Jordan, L., Schutzenhofer, K. (Fall 2019).

Assessment of Clinical Knowledge and Interprofessional Collaboration during Multidisciplinary Telehealth Case Studies

Begley, K., Pick, A., Packard, K., & Ryan-Haddad, A. (Fall 2017).

Develop Sustainable Partnership in Professional Education and Practice for Health Sciences Students: Comprehensive Assessment of China 

Honors Interprofessional Program (CHIP) Qi, Y., Mu, K., Patterson, A., Greiner, B., & Schumacher, M. (Fall 2019).

Developing a Blueprint for Interprofessional Education

Berry, G. (Fall 2018).

Facilitating Interprofessional and Culturally-Competent Patient Care

Mu, K., Peck, K., Jensen, L., Carrico, C, & Bracciano, Al. (Fall 2016).

Implementing the Creighton University Student Performance -- Quality Indicators (CUSP-QI) in an Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program

Hawkins, P. L., Martin, J. R., & Georges, L. C. (Spring 2015).

Improving the Candidacy Process in the Interdisciplinary Ed.D. Program in Leadership

Bloomquist, C., Moss Breen, J., Martin, J. R. Jr., Poursharafoddin, H., Lux, S., & Richards, B. (Fall 2017).

Interprofessional Competence Development Through Online Palliative Care Education

Thinnes, A., Nystrom, K. K., Pick, A. M., Jorgensen, D., Selig, C. L., Hercinger, M., Chapple, H. S., Iverson, L. M., Kirkpatrick, A. J., Shirley, N. (Fall 2019).

Interprofessional Faculty Development - Giving Faculty what they Need to Succeed

Schoening, A., & Maio, A. (Fall 2019).

Interprofessional Team Development Through Virtual Palliative Care Simulations

Selig, C., Kirkpatrick, A. J., Chapple, H. S., Hercinger, M., Iverson, L. M., Shirley, N., Jorgensen, D., Nystrom, K. K., Pick, A. M., & Thinnes, A. M. (Fall 2019).

Interprofessional Telehealth Case Studies Improve Students-Perceptions of Their Abilities to Provide Collaborative Care

Begley, K., Castillo, S. Johnson, K., O'Brien, K., Pick, A., Coover, K.,  Packard, K., & Ryan-Haddad, A. (Fall 2016).

IPE 413: Developing Care for a Vulnerable Population: An Interprofessional Collaborative Approach for Health Promotion

Harris, B., Yee, J., Ryan-Haddad, A., Begley, K., Packard, K., Laughlin, A., & Todd, M. (Fall 2015).

Outcomes of an Interprofessional Fall Risk Assessment Program for Health Science Students

Ryan-Haddad, A, Coover, K., Black, L., Gale, J., Flecky, K., Davis, R., Martens-Stricklett, K., Sears-Fritz, R., & Qi, Y. (Fall 2015).

Team-Based Interprofessional Mentorship for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Residents

Domina, A., & Nelson, K. (Fall 2015).

What Makes a Successful Doctoral Student? An Applied Study of Applicants to the Doctoral Program in Interdisciplinary Leadership

Martin, J., Georges, L., & Hawkins, P. (Fall 2015).