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Accelerated Bachelor's of Nursing (ABSN)

This guide provides resources for students in the ABSN programs.


Welcome to the ABSN research guide. The suggested resources in this guide are to help you complete your class assignments, as well as to provide additional information for course topics where you may be struggling or need further study. To access all library resources, go to the Creighton Libraries website

Please feel free to contact me by phone, email, or instant message with any questions or if you need additional information. My contact information and office hours are linked in the sidebar on this page and throughout the guide. 

Liaison Librarian Services

Your liaison librarian is a librarian dedicated to knowing your program, your research needs, and your curriculum to better support you. In particular, your liaison librarian is available to help you with your research assignments throughout the ABSN curriculum, including your WAC paper assignments, your population-based health research assignments, and your EBP coursework.

Some of the services available to students include

  • Helping you pick and refine a research topic
  • Consulting and providing feedback on your literature search strategy
  • Identifying the best databases for your research project
  • Identifying important journals in your research area
  • Helping you access eBooks and online journals
  • Showing you how to use clinical tools and find evidence to answer clinical questions
  • Helping you understand the levels of evidence, critical appraisal, and the whole EBP process
  • Consulting on any part of the research process