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SOC 313

Power and Society

Other tips for biographical info

Use MergentOnline (linked on the Company Information Research Guide) to search by Company Name.  You can also use the Executive Search Tab in Mergent to target specific characteristics like salary or education. 

Using Nexis Uni's Guided Search component, click on the button for Company Info.  Put the company name in the next field. Then select the type of content you want from the "show me" drop-down list.


Recommendations for searching SEC filings

While the EDGAR database is the official (and free) searchable site for the SEC, the search interface is antiquated and not super friendly.

I recommend using either MergentOnline's Government Filings module or Lexis-Nexis Academic's SEC filings database.  From the LN-A homepage click on Browse at the top of the screen.


  • When the list of folders appears, click "Companies and Organizations". 
  • Then "Company Filings". 
  • From there you can pick and choose the type of filing/form you want to search.  For example, Forms 4 and 144 deal with stock ownership.  You can select those two options and search back to 1989.  (It's handy to mouse over the little blue "i" to determine what information is in what filings.)  --ctc

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