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BUS 301

Resources for Business Law


Welcome to the BUS 301 course guide. The suggested resources in this guide are to help you complete your class assignments, as well as to provide additional information for course topics where you may be struggling or need further study. To access all library resources, go to the Creighton Libraries website

Please feel free to contact me by phone, email, or chat with any questions or if you need additional information. My contact information and office hours are linked in the sidebar on this page and throughout the guide. and Instructions

For the following instructions to work, you need to be connected to the CU network in some fashion. Be on campus in a computer lab or connected to CUWireless (CU Guest will not be sufficient) or logged into Office365, Blueline, etc.
  • From the library's homepage,  scroll down to the library Quick Links section and click Databases A-Z.
  • Click on the "N" tab to get to the link.  DO NOT CLICK on the main link. Instead, click on the "GroupPass Account" link in the description.
  • Set up a new account using your Creighton email and whatever password you can remember. The account login credentials will be good for a year, at which time you'll probably be prompted to "renew."
Now go to the "W" tab in the databases list.  The link is the first one on the list. Again, DO NOT CLICK on the main link. There is a link in the description to start the account creation process. Creighton email and your favorite password 🙂