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Cube Timer Quick Start Guide

Time Configurations

Purple Timer: 5/10/20/30 minutes

Yellow Timer: 3/10/30/60 minutes


How to use 

  1. Ensure that the white toggle is set to "TIMER."
  2. Place the desired time face up. The timer will start with a beep and LED flashes. The countdown will be displayed on the LCD screen.
  3. When the set time is up, the backlight turns on and the alarm sounds. The backlight lasts for 10 seconds and the LCD screen will last for one minute before shutting down.
  4. To pause, turn the timer screen up; it will beep. Turn the timer back down to continue.
  5. To reset, turn the timer screen up then back down on the desired time.
  6. Changing the number of minutes that is face up will reset the clock and count down for that amount of time.

Please notify the librarian if the timer(s) run out of power to receive a new set of batteries.