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Cubii Quick Start Guide

The Health Sciences Library - Phoenix has (2) Cubii Compact Seated Ellipticals available to loan; see Jaysearch for their availability. The following information is a quick start guide to begin using it while you work.

Cubii was designed for use only while sitting. Do not stand on the pedals. Cubii was not designed for use while standing. Standing on Cubii may result in serious injury.


Adjusting the Resistance

  1. Cubii comes with 8 levels of resistance
  2. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the resistance. The higher the number, the higher the resistance. We highly recommend you begin at Level 1 and increase the intensity as you get used to the product.


Tracking your stats with the display monitor

The screen turns on when the silver button is pressed or when you start pedaling. Screen turns off after 4 minutes of inactivity. To reset stats, press the silver button for 3 seconds. When the stats reach maximum values, they will reset to zero.

To switch from miles (M) to kilometers (K), press and hold the silver button for at least 6 seconds. All segments will turn black twice during this time. After the second flash of black segments, release the button. When displaying distance, you will see the M is now showing a K, or vice versa.

The Cubii tracks the below stats:

  1. Stride (0-9999)
  2. Calorie (0-999.9 kcal)
  3. Distance (0.00-999.9 mi or km)
  4. Time (0:00-99:59 hour:min)
  5. RPM (0-999 strides/min)



  • You can use your Cubii JR2 in short intervals throughout the day or you you can use it for long periods of time. We recommend that you begin with a five minute session, see how your body feels afterwards, and increase your session length gradually over time.
  • If your knees hit the desk, try sitting away from Cubii or pushing Cubii further back if space allows. If your feet do not reach the pedals at your current chair configuration, try lowering your chair, and place Cubii closer to your feet.
  • Sit up straight while using Cubii. This will help strengthen your core and is good for your spine.
  • Keep your upper body still. Try not to rock from side to side and make sure you are pedaling with your legs and not your body.
  • You can also go forwards or backwards to work different muscle groups.