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Technology and Equipment - University Libraries

Technology, equipment, software, & recreation items available through the University Libraries.


Software Available

The following software is available on computers in the Reinert Library on the Omaha Campus. Some software is available only on specific computers, while some is installed on all public machines. In some cases we have provided the most popular or standard applications as well as alternate or open-source versions.


Adobe Creative Cloud

Full Suite of Adobe Applications, including Photoshop, Imager, Acrobat Pro and more. Creation Station PC

Adobe Digital Editions 

Standard Adobe Acrobat .pdf Reader 

All Public Workstations 


Digital Audio Editor and Recording Application

All Public Workstations 


3D Computer Graphics and Animation Software Toolset

All Public Workstations 


e-Book Software Suite

All Public Workstations 


Raster Graphics Editor

All Public Workstations 


Screenshot Program

All Public Workstations 


Image Viewer, Editor, Organizer, and Converter 

All Public Workstations 


Computer-aided 2D Design

All Public Workstations 

Microsoft Office Suite

Complete Suite of Microsoft Office Applications

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher

All Public Workstations 


Simple and Easy-to-Use Video Editor

All Public Workstations

Raster Graphics Editing Software

All Public Workstations 

Sansar is a social virtual reality platform, for Microsoft Windows only, developed by the San Francisco-based firm Linden Lab, and now owned by Sansar Inc.

Creation Station PC

A statistical software suite developed by SAS Institute for data management, advanced analytics, multivariate analysis, business intelligence, criminal investigation, and predictive analytics, licensed through DoIT 

All Public Workstations 


Open-source Screenshot and Screencast Program, GNU GPL 

All Public Workstations 

a statistical software suite developed by IBM for data management, advanced analytics, multivariate analysis, business intelligence, and criminal investigation, licensed through DoIT. 

All Public Workstations 


Software Tool for Data Comparison and Merging of Text-Like Files

All Public Workstations