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COM 174

Big Brother to Big Data: Surveillance Culture

Search strategies

We always suggest starting with a library database: an EBSCO database like Academic Search Premier, or the library's Google-esque tool, JaySearch.

Depending on your specific topic, these are some of the most relevant search terms and phrases. (Note: to search something as a phrase, surround the terms in double quotations, like this:  "welfare state" or "privacy violations")

  • surveillance OR "electronic surveillance" OR monitoring
  • "electronic article surveillance systems" OR "retail security"
  • "right of privacy" OR email and privacy OR internet and privacy
  • "mass surveillance", "video surveillance", "welfare surveillance"
  • "data collection", "data mining", "computer security", "subversive activities"

Remember different databases will use different terminologies.

Some aspects of consumer marketing research involve some of these terms:

  • "data mining", "sentiment analysis", "data analysis"
  • "consumers' reviews", "customer data", "data brokers"
  • "Federal Trade Commission", "consumer profiling"