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Book Deselection 2022

Sustainable Shelves

Our team is working with Sustainable Shelves, a program through the academic publisher, Baker & Taylor. All volumes removed from the collection will be shipped to Baker & Taylor and evaluated. Those titles with a resale value will be sold, our libraries will receive credits from the publisher to purchase new content. The program attempts to find a new home for content without resale value whenever possible through donations. However, if there is no interest in the content it will be responsibly recycled. 

Would you like to keep a title removed from the collection?

If a title is to be withdrawn from the library collections and you would like to keep it personally, please follow the steps below. This process will need to be completed by July 1, 2022. Please respect that we have limited staff time available for this extra processing and keep your list manageable. 

  1. Using the title lists prepared for this project, find the title(s) you wish to keep personally. Copy the Call Number and Title to your own "Transfer to My Office" list. 
  2. Once you have completed your list, email the file to
  3. Our team will pull and withdraw each title from our library system. If possible, we will send these items to you through interdepartmental mail. If there are too many, we will inform you that you will need to arrange for them to be picked up at the library.

If you have questions, please direct them to

Thank you -- the life of these books will be extended by your use!