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Law Library General Information

Library hours and a brief overview and information about selected library services.

Call Numbers

Subject Call Numbers
Administrative Law KF5401 Juvenile Law KF9778   
Admiralty KF1103 Labor Law KF3302
Antitrust KF1631 Labor Arbitration KF3416
Appellate Procedure KF9050 Land Use KF5697
Banking KF966 Landlord-Tenant KF589
Bankruptcy KF1507 Legal Education KF261
Business Associations KF1355 Legal History KF350
Children KF479 Legal Profession KF297
Civil Procedure KF8810 Legal Research & Writing KF240
Civil Rights KF4741 Legislation KF4945
Commercial law KF886 Limited Liability Companies KF1380
Comparative Law KF520 Local Government KF5300
Computer Law KF390.5 Media Law KF2750
Computer Contracts KF905 Medical Malpractice KF2905
Conflict of Laws KF410 Medicare KF3605
Constitutional Law KF4501 Military Law KF7204
Construction Law KF901 Municipal Law KF5305
Consumer Credit KF1039 Native American Law KF8201
Consumer Protection KF1609 Natural Resources KF5505
Contracts KF801 Negotiations/Mediation KF9084
Copyright KF2988 Negligence KF1280
Corporations KF1384 Nonprofit Organizations KF1388
Creditor/Debtor Rights KF1501 Oil and Gas KF1845
Criminal Law KF9210 Partnerships KF1365
Criminal Procedure KF9606 Patents KF3091
Damages KF445 Pensions KF3510
Dispute Resolution KF9084 Personal Injury KF1256
Divorce KF532 Professional Responsibility KF305
DUI/DWI KF2231 Property KF560
E-Commerce KF889 Products Liability KF1296
Education Law KF4102 Remedies KF9010
Elder Law KF390 Sales KF912
Eminent Domain KF5599 Secured Transactions KF1048
Employment Law KF3455 Securities KF1066
Environmental Law KF3775 Securities Regulation KF1431
Estate Planning KF748 Social Security KF3643
European Union KJE Statutory Construction KF425
Evidence KF8931 Taxation KF6271
Family Law KF501 Telecommunications/FCC KF2762
Federal Courts KF8700 Torts KF1246
Form Books (General) KF170 Trade Regulation KF1600
Form Books (Procedure) KF8836 Trade Secrets KF3197
Franchising KF2023 Trademarks KF3177
Government Contracts KF841 Trial Practice KF8900
Health Law KF3821 Trusts and Estates KF728
Immigration KF4800 Unfair Competition KF3195
Intellectual Property KF2972 Uniform Commercial Code KF879
Insurance KF1146 Urban Planning KF5691
International Business K3943 Veterans KF7705
Judiciary KF8700 Water Law KF5568
Jurisprudence Kf379 Wills KF755
Jury Instructions/Selection KF8971 Women and the Law KF477
Jury Verdicts KF1256 Workers Compensation KF3613


Nebraska Call Numbers
Agricultural Laws KFN239-246 Evidence KFN540-541
Alternative Dispute Resolution KFN560 Family Law KFN94-107
Appellate Practice KFN555 Immigration KFN414-416
Banking KFN165 Insurance KFN185
Bankruptcy KFN221-222 Intellectual Property KFN330
Business Law KFN205 Judgments KFN544-546
Civil Procedure KFN528-534 Juvenile Law KFN91
Commercial Law KFN152 Labor Laws KFN331-338
Commercial Loans & Securities KFN170-175 Landlord-Tenant KFN117
Constructions Contracts KFN155 Legal Profession KFN76-77
Corporation Law KFN207-218 Medical laws KFN360-367
Courts KFN508-526 Mortgages KFN130
Criminal Law KFN561-585 Motor Vehicles KFN297
Debtor & Creditor KFN167 Municipal Corporations KFN431
Disabilities KFN91 Property & Real Estate KFN112
Education Law KFN390 Taxation KFN470-478
Elder Law KFN91 Torts KFN195-199
Environmental Law KFN354-359 Trial Practice KFN538-539
Estate Planning & Probate KFN142-148 Workers Compensation KFN342