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BIO 205 Course Guide: Topics

Fall 2014


Perception and Communication

For your paper, you will research an aspect of perception and communication in an organism or organisms within your assigned taxonomic group. Use the links below to get ideas.

Topic 1:    Plants                                   "Plant communication" (eLS)

Topic 2:     Bacteria                               "Quorum sensing" (eLS)

Topic 3:     Fish

Topic 4:     Land mammals

Topic 5:     Marine mammals                "Communication" (Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals)

Topic 6:     Invertebrates (except
                   insects & arachnids)

Topic 7:     Insects

Topic 8:     Arachnids                            Spider communication (book) > Table of contents

Topic 9:     Birds

Topic 10:   Reptiles

Topic 11:   Fungi and Algae                 "Fungal physiology" (eLS)
                                                                "Algal Eyes" (eLS)

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