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BIO 205 Course Guide: Topics

Fall 2014

BIO 205

Photo courtesy U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

BBC Nature Adaptations and Behaviours

2016 Subtopics

Environmental Adaptations

For this assignment, you will develop a topic proposal and create an annotated bibliography with at least 5 primary articles. You will use the sources you find to write a 1500-word paper on an assigned subtopic within this year's theme. The links below are suggestions to help you get started:

Topic 1:   How vertebrates cope with low-oxygen environments
                 Vertebrate metabolism ... High altitude (eLS)
                 Altitude tolerant (BBC)

Topic 2:    Adaptations for survival in shoreline invertebrates
                 Coastal environments (eLS)

Topic 3:    How marine invertebrates and fishes avoid freezing in polar oceans
                  Antifreeze proteins and organismal freezing avoidance in polar fishes (book chapter)

Topic 4:     Differences between freshwater and marine fishes
                  Osmoregulation by vertebrates in aquatic environments (eLS)

Topic 5:     Effects of flow velocity on morphology among vertebrates inhabiting freshwater habitats
                   Going with the flow (Integr. Comp. Biol)

Topic 6:     Thermal adaptations used by endotherms inhabiting high-latitude environments
                  Thermoregulation ... Endothermy (eLS)

Topic 7:    Adaptations in diving marine animals: cetaceans, pinnipeds, and penguins
                 Diving physiology (Encyclopedia of Marine Animals)
                 Vertebrate metabolism ... Diving (eLS)

Topic 8:     Adaptations of plants to xeric conditions
                  Dry tolerant adaptations (BBC)

Topic 9:     Methods of seed dispersal in different environments
                  Seed dispersal (eLS)

Topic 10:   Adaptations in deep sea extremophiles
                  Extremophiles (AccessScience)
                  Hydrothermal vent communities (eLS)

Topic 11:   Latitudinal trends in morphology

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