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Ratio Studiorum Program 102: Discussion Questions

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Discussion Questions

  1. Discuss the meaning of the title and subtitle of the book, using the text to back-up your discussion points.
  2. Talk about the concept of non-judging in terms of the idea of God’s “jurisdiction”, the “no-matter whatness” of God’s acceptance. See pages 115, 130, 136. What needs to change in us so that we can practice non-judging?
  3. Is Father Greg’s God the same as the God of the Sufi poets? If so, how? If not, how? See page 21 of the text and consider a poem of the Sufi poets. See provided link to the Sufi poets.
  4. Explore the concept of shame as a legacy of growing up in the poverty that the gang members experience.  Compare that legacy with the “unearned privilege of whiteness” described by Peggy McIntosh.
  5. Choose a homie or a homegirl and describe the qualities that draw you to that person.
  6. It is an essential tenet of Buddhism that we can begin to change the world by first changing how we look at the world.” (page 162)  What does that mean for you?
  7. What does "kinship" mean to Father Greg? Use the text to support your discussion.
  8. How can the work of Father Greg inform/inspire the life of a student at Creighton?

Tattoos on the Heart

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